Goodwill Referral Form

Help Goodwill Participants Gain Employment And Earn A Bonus!

NOTE: We are currently ONLY accepting referrals for businesses in the following neighborhoods and industries:

Colerain – Retail, Dishwashing, Cleaning

Western Hills – Stocking, Retail

Delhi – Stocking, Retail

Eastgate – Stocking, Retail

Hamilton – Production, Warehouse, Stocking, Retail

Harrison – Stocking

North College Hill – Production

Finneytown – Production

Middletown – Stocking

As an employee of Ohio Valley Goodwill, your hard work helps support people with disabilities and disadvantages prepare for and obtain employment. Whatever your role, your efforts help fund our organization’s mission. Now we are offering another way for our employees to assist individuals gain employment. Your relationships with employers and business managers throughout the greater Cincinnati area could both assist our mission and earn you a bonus.


  1. Complete and submit the on-line Referral form below. Be sure to select the neighborhood where the business you are referring is located. Note that we are only interested in referrals from Goodwill employees who have a relationship with a potential employer. You must be comfortable with our employment specialists using your name with the employer to begin discussions.
  2. You will receive an e-mail within 10 working days about whether your contact will be followed up on, or whether we already have a contact at this employment site. If we simply can’t use the information right now, your contact will go into a database for six months for us to possibly use in the future.
  3. If we decide to follow up with your contact and this leads to employment for one of our participants, you will receive a $100.00 (before taxes) bonus, and our sincere appreciation for your assistance. You will also enjoy the great feeling of knowing that you may have helped a member of our community find employment!


  1. To participate in this referral program, you must be an employee of Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries.
  2. You are free to provide as many different employment contacts as you wish, but you must have a personal relationship with each contact to the extent that they will recognize and trust you as a referral source.
  3. You may only collect $100.00 once per specific employer referred regardless of how many individuals are hired on with this company. For example, if you have a relationship with the manager of Wendy’s in Harrison and as a result we help three people gain employment over the year, you would be paid a one-time bonus of $100.00.
  4. Staff who are employed under our grants programs and employment programs are not eligible for this bonus program, as their jobs already involve assisting individuals obtain employment.
  5. This bonus will not be paid to assist individuals in getting jobs at Goodwill (that is a separate bonus program. See Human Resources).

Thank you for your support!

Referral Form

  • Name and contact information for the employee of company/business who is willing to speak with our Employment Specialists to explore potential employment opportunities for those we serve: